02 April, 2018

Gratitude List for March 2018 #GratitudeCircle

March has gone fast. 

I was somewhat busy with a coming event to practice dance myself and also to prepare kids for the performance. I am glad to be participating in Super Blogger challenge 2018 and learning a lot of new things about blogging. We celebrated our Telugu New year last month and also another festival "Sri Rama Navami". I could read 5 books too this month which I didn't expect. :-)

So, going into the details.. Here are a few things which I am grateful for in March:

1. Dance Practice

There is an event coming in April in which I am performing a semi-classical and movie dance. I am also teaching 5 to 7-year-olds a medley to perform on stage. Though it is not new to me to perform on stage, the rigorous 4 hrs practice on weekends is making me tired. Of course, it's keeping me in shape :-) Teaching kids needs a lot of patience and I think, I am getting better at managing them gradually. Even though I am getting tired, I feel very happy to be dancing for more time now. 

2. Spring break

I am very thankful for one-week spring break. I got up very late every day and it was more relaxing to sleep for more time. We also arranged some play dates and fun activities for our apartment kids and all enjoyed very well. 

3. Book Reading

I could finish 5 books this month, which is great. "Poisoning our children" by Andre Leu is a non-fiction book on food safety and myths about pesticides used in agriculture. "Clod makes a friend" by David Pederson is a lovely story for middle graders. "My Prince wears a blue jeans" is a wonderful story about the relationship between a father and daughter. The short biography of Alexander the Great by In60learning is interesting. The Love Lottery by Raj Dhaliwal is a humorous take on Indian marriage and dating. 

4. Super Blogger Challenge 2018

I am participating in Super Blogger challenge 2018 hosted by Amrita, Bushra, and Utpal. It is great to participate, read other blogs and learn a lot of things about blogging and social media.

Here are my posts so far published for the challenge, I am very happy to see my page visits going up with this challenge :-)

1. Infused Water and its benefits

2. 5 tools which help me in my regular blogging

3. 5 ways I promote my blog

4. My Childhood Food memories

5. Sri Rama Navami - A festival to celebrate the ideal Lord Rama

6. Winter Fun in Steamboat Springs

So, that is about my March. How did you spend time in March? What are you thankful for? I wish you all a happy April :-)

Until next time,

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  1. Sounds like you had a great month! All the best for your dance performance :)

  2. You have kept yourself pretty busy Ramya. 5 books is a good headway and makes me envious!
    Congratulations on the upcoming dance event; look forward to hear more about it in the next post :-)

  3. I am glad that you got to relax a bit during Spring Break. And 5 Books in a month is pretty good, Ramya. Wishing you lots more great reads in the coming month! :)

  4. Oh wow I didn't know you dance. All the best for your performance. Dancing truly does keep one in shape.
    Dropping by from MondayMusings


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