19 June, 2018

The emotional connection to Home #MondayMusings

I am a patriotic person but I am not someone who praises the motherland and supports their own country always for everything. I believe that each place has its own benefits and I thought, I would be comfortable wherever I go in this world if I have my family with me and if I don't have any financial troubles. But, now I feel that is wrong. I have an emotional connection to the place which I call "HOME".

I think, most of us are emotionally connected to the place/country that we call "Home". This might be where we were born/ where we grew/ where we worked/ settled/ where we spent more time in our life/ where we made more memories.

Even though I was born in our grand mother's town, I am emotionally connected to the place where I grew up. Here, I made memories. My school days, family time with parents, college days, my dance school days, my dance performances, friends, music and drawing classes, shopping etc., I made wonderful memories. Then, I moved to another state for my first job and I made a few more memories with friends, colleagues and had fun enjoying my freedom with my money. I loved this place, as I tried learning the new language there, understanding a new culture, tasting different food and exploring the city on my own with the help of friends.

We then moved to another place where I got married, had kids, worked in a good company and had a satisfying career. But, till then I was in the same country which I call my Home country - India. Later, we moved to a new country altogether and got introduced to the new language, culture, and new people. I love the variety in my life and I don't mind taking risks for a happy life. So, I easily mingled with people, learned many new things and made new friends and created my own world in a country which is not my HOME and which will never be our HOME in future.

I have no intention of settling down in another country as for me, HOME is a place which is comfortable, relaxing and also relatable. It is a place where I connect to my family, culture and won't have any restrictions.

What do you say? Did you move countries and cities? If so, which place do you consider your home? Are you emotionally connected to your home? Do let me know in comments.

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  1. Well said! Home is where heart is. I don't feel any emotional attachment to my home but for the people in it.

  2. I love the quote about home being a place which says who you are! Like you, I have done my bit of city hopping in India, seven cities to be precise, and now we are based in London. So I can definitely relate.

  3. Home is where the heart is, Ramya! I can totally see your point. Loved your honest post. I guess many will be able to relate to your thoughts in it. I too have done globe trotting once, now all settled in my home country for good.

  4. True.. Home is the place that gives us warmth and love and sense of belonging. A place that grows on you each day and which you gravitate towards when away!

  5. Home for me is about the people and comfort. So as long as I have my family and dogs with me, I would like to believe I could create a home anywhere :)


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