02 May, 2020

Down the Memory Lane..

The Red roses meant Passionate romance to me. But, not after this...

   PC: Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

It was after my first child's delivery. The joy of giving birth to a beautiful boy couldn't dominate the pain that I had to endure due to postpartum problems
Within 7 days of delivery, Doctor told that I have to undergo minor surgery.

I was already in pain and depression, but there was no other option. The minor surgery that doctor said was not that minor anyways, another wave of pain, and recovery ahead. 

The surgery was done on our 4th anniversary. I had plans to celebrate our anniversary with our baby. But, I was in the hospital and in pain, that can't happen, right?

When my husband got the bunch of red roses to wish for our anniversary, tears rolled down my cheeks and we just hugged and didn't talk anything. May be from that day, red roses remind me of the support and love of my spouse.

PS: Years passed, we celebrated our 11th anniversary in February with 2 kids :-)

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  1. Ah loved the ending, Mahathi. Hope triumphs!

  2. Such a sweet ending ❤️💕

  3. Beautiful story, Mahathi! The future is always replete with possibilities, right?

  4. Sweet and hopeful one, Ramya!

  5. Love heals...it's the only medicine for pain and depression! You explained it very nicely.

  6. This is a lovely memory to associate with red roses. Nothing matters most than a loving spouse.

  7. Though you had to deal with a lot of pain to get through that you still found joy and pride from the love and support your spouse. It is really rare for people to remember the positive side of a situation that caused pain in the first place. Kudos to you for doing that.


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