15 May, 2020

The Storm - Ponnis' Beloved Volume 2 - English Translation by Sumeetha Manikandan - [Book Review]

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Book Details:

Title: The Storm - Ponnis' Beloved Volume 2

An English Translation of Kalki Krishnamurthy's Ponniyin Selvan

Author of Original Novel in Tamil: Kaliki Krishnamurthy
English Translation: Sumeetha Manikandan
Genre: Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction
Print Length: 389 pages
Source : A Kindle copy


Kalki Krishnamurthy’s Ponniyin Selvan is a masterpiece that has enthralled generations of Tamil readers. Many authors have written phenomenal books in Tamil literature after Kalki Krishnamurthy, but Ponniyin Selvan remains the most popular, widely-read novel. It has just the right mixture of all things that makes an epic – political intrigue, conspiracy, betrayal, huge dollops of romance, infidelity, seduction, passion, alluring women, unrequited love, sacrifice and pure love.

Ponni's Beloved - The Storm is the second volume in these series. Here we follow on the footsteps of Vandiya Devan all the way to Sri Lanka in search of Ponniyin Selvan. Does he fulfil his mission? Is he successful in bringing the Prince back to the Chola Kingdom? What happens to the murderous assassins that Nandini sends after the Prince? Read volume 2 to know all the answers...

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My Review:

Ponnis' Beloved - Volume 2 is better than Volume 1 and I gave Volume 1 5/5 stars rating,  so you can imagine how good this book is!

While I loved the environment and cultural descriptions and character introductions in Volume 1, I  loved the plot and twists in the story in Volume 2. This Volume covered a lot of stories from the perspective of different characters and so, it increased the clarity in the reader's minds.

As the book title goes - The Storm,  most of the story takes place on the Sea and we get to directly see/read more of The Ponniyan Selvan (hero). We also get to know the cunning plans of queen Nandini Devi and her husband. The flashback of the King Sundar Cholan and the character of deaf and mute woman are really interesting.

This book is more focused on Ponni's beloved and Samudra kumari,  their inner feelings, love, ambitions,  and their responsibilities.

In addition to the characterization, the narrative is always the best in both volumes. The pace is perfect. Whenever I read, I couldn't put the book down even when I have some important personal work. It's gripping and immersive.

My Rating : 5/5

About the Author:

Sumeetha Manikandan, a freelance content writer is an English literature graduate with a journalism and mass communication diploma. She lives in Chennai with her husband and daughter. After a decade long career in dotcom industry, she started working as a freelance writer from home. She wrote her debut novel, ‘The Perfect Groom’ as a script for a serial, which she converted into a novella for Indireads.

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  1. Nice review. This book has been on my list for some time. Should get to it.

    1. A bit lengthy but completely worth it Nitya.

  2. Sounds like an interesting read. I am fascinated by the fact that historically Tamil ruled in what is now India and across the seas too.

    1. Even I am fascinated to know the places then and correlate to current India and Sri Lanka Corrinne. Enjoyed reading it.

  3. Its always better to get to read the best selling titles in vernacular after translation in English. Going by your recommendations, it does sound very interesting title!

    1. Yes Anagha. I feel that translations might lose nativity but this collection is very good.

  4. I have read The perfect groom by the author. This sounds like an interesting book too. Heard about the Tamil book from my friends before.

  5. I will definitely read these books!

    1. Thanks Apeksha. If you like historical fiction you will like it.


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