13 June, 2020

Gratitude List for May 2020 #GratitudeCircle

May continued to be 'New' Normal. Work from home, loads of office work, struggling with helping kids in e-learning, no option to travel and relax due to Covid etc., But, we are learning a few things due to Covid as family, and focusing on a few important things of our life. So, All is not bad.

There are many things to be grateful for :

  •  Kids had their summer holidays started and thus, rest for us as we need not support their e-learning 
  • Could improve my health and focus on home-cooked healthy meals
  • Could reduce office stress by implementing a few methods
  • Could, at last, make online dance classes work well 
  • Could sleep for more time and relax a bit

Here is my Gratitude List for May 2020:

1. Improvement in health

I did a lot of changes in my lifestyle and diet to focus on my health. The good news is that I could see some improvement. I am sleeping more nowadays, reduced morning office calls, increased the intake of grains, vegetables, and fruits in my diet, and took things slow.

I haven't put any targets to complete any tasks for my blog/dance school/office work. I just went with the flow and did whatever I can without working hard.

I am usually more ambitious and tend to jump into multiple tasks at a time. I am trying to change this which will reduce my stress. So far, it's great.

2. One outing after a long break

Due to COVID, we couldn't travel at all for a few months. But, in the last month, we went hiking in our town itself. Colorado Springs is a nice place as we have many beautiful options to hike around our area.

We practiced social distancing, wore masks, carried sanitizer, didn't use public restrooms etc.,
Redrock canyon open space is a good place to hike on a warm day. There is a lake with geese swimming in groups. 2 hrs of our time were spent leisurely after a long time.

We also could go for evening walks in the last month as Summer just started and the weather is great here for walking. We walked only inside our apartment and kids enjoyed their bikes.

3. Researching and trying new healthy recipes

I am grateful to my Yoga teacher and of course the Google search that I am able to learn many new healthy recipes that can easily be made. I hate cooking, so whatever it is that I try, it has to be simple and quick. I don't like to spend much time in my kitchen.

Fortunately, I learned to make millet soup, minestrone soup, lemon rice with foxtail millets, tasty veg salads, healthy smoothies, and a lot. So, the last month had seen a big spike in my learning curve of healthy cooking. I am excited to continue my learning.

4. Art and Dance

I couldn't draw much in May as I said, I am not forcing myself on any task these days. I do only when it's possible and don't stress if I couldn't do it at all. I could draw my first Mandala.

I could make some dance videos for students and I could take online dance classes to my satisfaction now. Researched some tips on taking online zoom dance classes and seems like it is working. But, it cannot compare with direct Dance classes where it was easy for me to correct student's mistakes.

5. Blogging and Books

I could participate in a blog link up for creative writing prompt - Red Roses

I could read 2 parts of my favorite historical fiction 'Ponni's beloved' - An English translation of famous Tamil novel (Ponniyan Selvan) and here are the reviews of Part 2 and Part 3. Try to read these books if you love historical fiction.

After 2 months, I could write our travelogue of the New Mexico trip - Roswell and Bandelier National Monument. I got an opportunity to write a sponsored post as well in May.

So, overall it's a great month for me. Since summer is here, the weather will be great and we can have more outdoor time in June. Hoping for a good month with some travel if possible.

How was your May? Did you get used to the new Normal?

Let me know in the comments.

Until next time,

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful month. Yay for simple, healthy recipes and for a much needed outing after months of isolating at home.

  2. Glad to know that your health has improved during this time - I would love to try out some of the dishes you've made during this time. Happy birthday again! Have a great year ahead.

  3. Kudos to you for taking things slow and focusing more on health. Wish you the best for the coming months. :)

  4. Such amazing things to be grateful for. So happy that you are feeling better too.

  5. So refreshing to read your post, Mahathi! Glad you are able to go outdoors again - nothing like fresh air, in spite of the precautions one has to take to stay safe. Health is so important and it is great to know you are eating healthy and are easing off from stress. I have the whole set in Tamil - Ponniyin Selvan and I feel too lazy to read it. Good to know there's an English translation! Stay healthy and safe!


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