02 December, 2020

Mainely Power (A Goff Langdon Mainely Mystery Book 1) by Matt Cost - Book Review

Book Details :

Title: Mainely Power (A Goff Langdon Mainely Mystery Book 1)
Author: Matt Cost
Genre: Mystery, Cozy mystery, Investigative mystery
Print length:304 pages
Publisher: Encircle Publications (September 18, 2020)
Source: A free review copy from the author


Was Harold Dumphy killed to cover up something at the nuclear power plant where he was the head of security?

This is what Harold’s widow asks Goff Langdon, a private detective, to find out. Langdon is a laid back, slacker detective, happy with his work, friends, and way of life in the town of Brunswick, Maine. To complement his income in small-town Maine’s scarce private detective market, Langdon also owns and operates a mystery bookstore named after his trusted companion, Coffee Dog.

Does Langdon stand a chance against corrupt cops, crooked politicians, greedy millionaires, radical environmentalists, and a deadly assassin named Shakespeare?

With the help of Bart, the bear of a cop; Jimmy 4 by Four, the hippie lawyer; the immigrants Jewell and Richam; and his true desire and employee, Chabal—Langdon sets out to do just that. And then he is framed for not one, but two murders, and events become very complicated.

Follow Langdon and his band of friends as they attempt to untangle the web of intrigue and return Brunswick to “the way life should be.”

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My Review :

Mainely Power is a detective / investigative mystery. The story starts with Harold Dumpy's murder investigation by a private detective Mr. Langdon in a small town in Maine. Langdon, and his close friends Bart, four by 4, Peppermint Patti, Chabal, Lord, Richam, Jewel etc., come together to understand the mystery behind Harold's death. 

They also get stuck in challenging situations during the investigation and Langdon is charged for the murder of 2 people making things messier. Thanks to the combined effort of his friends, he entangles the mystery and comes out safe. 

What I liked about the story?

The story and characters are real. Unlike other detective mysteries where usually it's a one-man show, here it's an effort from a team. The characterization is great and relatable. 

While Chabal and Peppermint Patti stand out as strong and helpful friends, Bart, Richam, Jewel and four by 4 are reliable. The names are a bit funny though. I didn't like Amanda's character. Abigail's character is unique. 

The blurb is interesting and the title of the book is very apt.

What might have been better?

The pace of the book might have been uniform. The last 1/4th of the story covers more than the first 3/4th. 

The book cover might have been attractive, but just a thought. It might have been good if the mystery is revealed gradually instead of everything at the end. 

The synopsis given by Langdon at the end is very good though. 

My Rating: 4/5

I recommend this to the readers who love small-town mysteries with real characters.

PS: I have received this book from the author for free in exchange for a review and this is my honest opinion on the book. 

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