28 December, 2020

The Adventures of Rutherford, Canine Comic by John Madormo - [Book Review]

 Book Details:

Title: The Adventures of Rutherford, Canine Comic

Author: John V Madormo

Genre: Middle-grade fiction, Children's dog books, Children's book

Publisher: Zumaya Thresholds (September 11, 2020)

Print Length: 153 pages

Source: A free print copy from the author for review

The Adventures of RutherfordCanine Comic

Some dogs fetch sticks.  Others roll over.  Some even play dead.  But have you ever heard of a dog who tells jokes?  Meet Rutherford—a bona fide stand-up comedian.  While other dogs spend their time drinking from the toilet, this one regales his cohorts at the local animal shelter. 

The Adventures of Rutherford, Canine Comic is a middle-grade novel told from the perspective of the title character.  It features the exploits of a basset hound whose only goal in life is to become a faithful and fearless family watchdog.  But when an accident leaves Rutherford with two broken rear legs, his dreams of protecting the hearth soon fade.

Rutherford, the basset hound who always had hopes of becoming a watchdog someday, and who was never able to fulfill his dream, single-handedly manages to break up an illegal dog fighting ring, saves the lives of several innocent dogs, and is reunited with his best friend.

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My Review :

I never read a story told from a perspective of a dog and this is my first one. It really impressed me a lot with the way it's written.

I am not a person who loves to have pets, but still I loved the story. Rutherford's story is genuine and emotional. Whether we are a dog lover or not, it creates empathy in our hearts after reading this.

The concept and storyline are unique. The jokes are really cool and entertaining. The characters are wonderful - especially Marge and Adam's family. Here are some snippets from the story that I liked.

Even though this is middle-grade fiction, I felt the story is matured with some morals about life. 

I would give it full stars for the way it's written. I would recommend this book to high schoolers even if they are not dog lovers/pet owners.

My Rating: 5/5

About the Author:

John Madormo, a Chicago area screenwriter, author, and college professor, has created a body of work that has attracted the attention of motion picture producers and publishers. John has sold a family comedy screenplay to a Los Angeles production company, is the author of a mystery series with a major New York publisher, and was recently named the Grand Prize winner of a national writing competition.

Here are just a few of his accomplishments:

- John is the author of a four-book series with Penguin Books for Young Readers. The middle-grade mystery series, "Charlie Collier, Snoop for Hire," is a tale about yours truly, a 12-year-old private detective, who sets up shop in his parents' garage and solves cases for fellow sixth-grade classmates. The debut novel, "The Homemade Stuffing Caper," was released in May, 2012. The sequel, "The Camp Phoenix Caper," was released in February, 2013. Book #3 in the series, "The Copy Cat Caper," hit bookstore shelves in September, 2013. And Book#4 debuted in 2017.

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