06 December, 2020

37 things that I am grateful for! #MondayMusings

 We are reaching the last few days of the year 2020. Such a fancy number, I thought this year would be really different from others when it started. It sure is different, though not so positive.

If there is one thing that 2020 taught us, it's to be thankful for what we have. Even Simple things seem to be a luxury when we compare with other years earlier. So, Let me list 37 things that I am grateful for :-)

Why 37? that's a secret :-)

I am grateful for 🙏

1. Family 👪- An important part of my life and a backbone.

2. Career - Of course, one way to earn money and another way to improve my technical skills 

3. Dance - A hobby turned to a dance school

4. Travel - I can give away any luxury that I have to see new places

5. Health - After Covid, we all know how important health is in our lives

6. Friends - Good or Bad, a friendly ear to share our experiences

7. Students - For believing in me and learning dance from me

8. Food - Keeping me alive and nourished

9. Phone - What I could have done without the world of information ready in my hand any minute I need

10. Photos - A way to treasure my memories and relive them

11. Painting - To bring my creativity alive

12. Books 📙 - A pass time which has become an important part of my life

13. Coffee  - the smell of coffee makes my mornings happy

14. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - Keep me nutritious and energetic

15. Nature - Beautiful and peaceful

16. Social Media - The unlimited scrolling sometimes is relaxing :p and the best way to reach friends

17. Blogging - Writing which removes the stress away from the mind

18. Music - Good music for my happy soul

19. Canva.com - Able to create these cool graphics which enhance my blog posts

20. Hiking - Because it's relaxing to be nearer tot he nature and admire it

21. Home - A roof overhead and the most comforting place

22. Money - Without which many from the above list not possible

23. Sleep - To relax the body and mind every day

24. Art - To bring out my creativity and relax my mind

25. Self - Confidence - A must-have to achieve multiple things in life

26. Gratitude - A quality which brings happiness and satisfaction in my life

27. Love - Which ties the life like a base thread and supports

28. Car - Which makes our travels fun and helps us to reach beautiful places

29. Laptop - Happy place when I need to blog and research

30. Office - Diversion from home and a place to show my skills

31. Library - A paradise when I have some free time

32. Clothes - Fashionable clothes increase confidence

33. Earrings - I am crazy about earrings, love shopping them!

34. Mountains - I love mountains and happy to be residing in one mountain town

35. Kitchen Appliances - Which make cooking quick and not boring

36. TV - Oh my God, how can I forget Netflix :D

37. Yoga - Peace to the body, mind and Soul.

That' it from this list. What are you thankful for?

Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

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  1. Life is truly lived best in gratitude. Only we seldom realise.

    Ruchi Nasa https://thevagabond.me

  2. Glad you have so much to be grateful for. I hope the list grows as the years go by!

  3. I loved reading your list of things you are thankful for. I started a similar list during Lent of this year and I am still not finished. I needed this inspiration to go back and complete my list. :)

    1. Then, it's time to complete your list. Thanks for dropping by Meditations in motion.

  4. Nice list, Ramya.
    So much to be grateful for, every single moment.

    Wish you the very best always.

  5. I love earrings too! Unfortunately with the kind of work I do (teaching yoga), I hardly have time to indulge, but I save them for a wonderful day. Loved reading your list, reinforced that the best things in life are the basic ones.

    1. Thanks Pragya. Ya save earrings for another good day. Due to Covid, I don't get chance to wear them more as well.

  6. What I broke down, you included them all in Kitchen appliances (let's include the washing machine also here) - it is the saner way :)
    37 is a long list and I hate to spoil the fun. I know the truth behind the secret :D

    1. Thanks for not spoiling the fun Anamika 🙂

  7. We do have many things to be grateful for this year. I'm extremely grateful for the peace at home and a decent job I have at present. Here's to one hell of a year. Cheers :)

  8. Thank you for joining the link up, Mahathi. I like the 'secret'! I love how you've added things like a car - that we might take for granted!


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