17 February, 2014

Day 2 - Streets

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.

I remember our strolls on New york streets. Myself and my colleague ventured to New york together without knowing anything about what to visit. It was a good learning experience :)

After reaching New york railway station, first thing we did is to take maps of Subway train routes and tourist places from tourism department stall. Our first priority was to visit The Statue of Liberty and it was easy to reach. Next in plan was to visit wallstreet, Empire state building and end our tour with Times square. 
Sky scrappers in New york city

Crowded Times Square
Actually, we lost our way at Wallstreet after visiting the famous bull :) we were searching for the right sub way station to travel to Empire state building. There are maps showing different toutes and tourist places displayed over pillars near signals. We took photo from our windows phone and at last searched for the right sub way. It was thrilling to roam in unknown streets only by reading maps. We loved it though :) So, this is the story behind these pics, got it? 

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  1. oh I love to do the streets of NY on my own alone someday. Thats on my bucket list too.. weird but I want to do it.

  2. you should try Sireesha.. not that difficult actually and more fun :)


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