17 February, 2014

Fly high in the sky - Day 1 - Fly

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.

There was a dream from my childhood to fly high and reach the sky. You might have heard the story of Hanuman who assumed the bright Sun as fruit and flied high to grab and eat it :) My dream was not that big, it was just to fly in a plane to some exotic location, basically to travel to a foreign country. 

This photo was taken in a domestic flight when we (myself and hubby) flied for the first time to Chennai for my friend's marriage. Though i traveled to US later, this was my first flight journey and thus most memorable. 

I planned to capture many photos on that day, especially to capture Chennai beach while landing. Unfortunately, our place was nearer to the wing of the plane and so couldn't capture as expected. Excuse me for this bad quality pic :) Every first in our memories will be cherished for lifetime. My first snow fall in US, my first flight journey, my kid first time calling me Amma, each and everything is wonderful. Hope you too have these kind of memories and cherish them for life time :)

Until next time,


  1. All 'firsts' are special for sure. And the memories more than made up for the picture quality.

  2. thanks Tulika.. true.. firsts are always special and memorable

  3. Aww! The picture quality doesnt matter as the emotion behind it is strong :)
    Here's to more wonderful firsts for you :D

  4. Nice shot ! Wish you lot of such memories.

  5. THanks Nimue, welcome to my blog :)


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