17 February, 2014

The Little hearts - [Book Review]

Book Details:
Title : The Little Hearts
Author : Ravi kumar R
Publisher: Biblica publications
Price: Rs.190, ofcourse, its Rs140/- in flipkart.com
Source: Book sent by Publisher

As i said in my earlier book reviews once, there are two types of books. One, which enlighten you, make you learn something new, which interest you till the end and Second type, which are good for time pass. The later category are easy going books which will interest you to read till the end, make you involve in the story, make you think in protagonist's shoes, but will leave your memory the day you finish the book. The Little Hearts goes to the later category.

This story is about a teenager Surya, his thoughts as a teenager, fun days in his college,his love interest etc., Story narrates how his thoughts matured from a college goer to a responsible adult. Author also touches upon some interesting issues like cast system in India, Govt officials Vs Software professionals, Books, good movies etc., through different characters in the novel.

What i liked?
The way story is narrated from Surya, his innocent thoughts, his perspectives surely let you understand a teenager and his questions in mind about different things in society in a better way. Surya once mentions how caste system develops, his grandfather allows children in the family to watch movies of their caste hero only, he praises him only, he appreciates his action only, he feels his caste hero is better than anyone and makes whole family believe the same. When same thing is said multiple times, children believe it to be true and continue the patronage of their caste hero. Thus caste system and racism develops. Right? It's simply explained. There are other mentions about communism, capitalism, differences between them, how USSR failed even though it was once a Super power. There are many interesting and thought provoking debates in the story. The way his love blossoms with Priya, his all efforts to impress her, flirt with her etc., are realistic and show you the teenage behavior. Surya's character is innocent and sensitive, with many questions in his mind. He understands hypocrisy in society and how people change from childhood and support their religion, their caste only.  Sometimes, he feels guilty, that he is also one of them. He leaves you with some thoughts and many questions lingering in your mind by the end of book.

What i didn't like?
 I felt, at many places book suddenly gets boring with lengthy conversations between Surya and Priya, between IAS bhayya and S/w bhayya and becomes too much like a lecture. At one point i felt like leaving the book in the middle and stop reading. Editing might have been good. At many places, some letters are missing in words, iam not sure if this is intentionally done, as i dont understand any reason behind it. Else, these might be print mistakes :) Surya's characterization is realistic for sure, but Priya's characterization is not. Even though Priya knows that Surya will die for her, it seems very dumb of her to leave him and go and die at last. Comon! Priya seems matured than Surya, cant she understand that she has to enjoy present and leave past behind? Actually, it seems, her passion on books and movies didnt teach anything at all. 

So, a time pass read, except for a few boring pages. 
My overall rating : 2.5/5

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