18 February, 2014

Day 3 - Links - Trains and coaches

This post is written for A story for a picture challenge by Marathon bloggers.

When i think of links, other than hyper links in web pages, i remember tracks and trains :).

Below are some photos shared by my colleague Sreeram. (His flicker link here) A train with all the coaches linked together following same pace with beautiful rythm is nice to watch. Once my dance teacher told me, "Everything in this world is rythmic". Even trains, birds etc., How true!

All coaches linked!
See how curvey is the track :o
Once we were travelling to Annavaram from Eluru for a dance performance with our teacher. We were a big group of around 15 students of different ages from 6 to 15 or so. We played anthyakshari, dumb charades, a game called 'Name, place, thing, animal' etc., After we all were bored of the games and there is one more hour to reach our destination, we found one more fun way to enjoy. Each person used to go to Canteen in the train which is the last coach and get something to eat for the whole team. By the way, we have around 10 coaches to cross :p to reach canteen. Isn't it good that all these coaches are linked?

So, that's the story behind these pics and our love for trains and links :)

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  1. Well written post with beautiful pics..All the best for the contest :-)

  2. thanks A homemaker's utopia :). it's not a contest, but a challenge.

  3. Lovely links to childhood memories...Mahati Ramya!

  4. Lovely links to good old memories...Mahati Ramya!

  5. Thanks Scattered Mama :)


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