22 December, 2016

5 wishes that came true #ThankfulThursdays

Here is one lovely prompt for this week's #ThankfulThursdays - A bloghop hosted by Amrita and Tina.

Prompt: 5 wishes that came true which you are thankful for.
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Wish #1
Blog daily for sometime
With 2 kids I never thought I could blog daily. But, I could make this happen not once but twice! Isn't it wonderful? I successfully completed April A2z challenge and daily writing challenge in November. Thanks to WriteTribe group and blogher writing lab for inspiration.
Image courtesy:www.pixabay.com 

Wish #2
To complete reading at least 30 books in a year
I have read and reviewed 37 books already. This year has been good for reading.

Wish #3
Start dance practice after a gap
I could do this by the end of the year. Still it's worth a mention as i was thinking to start my classical dance practice from a long time. There is no bad time really to start a good practice. I feel refreshed:-)

Wish #4
To stay permanently at a scenic place
I love going for vacations to nice hill stations, valleys and enjoy nature. I also dreamed of waking up in a cool place having coffee while relaxing my mind with scenic views of misty mountains. Oh! This year is just perfect and my wish came true.

Wish #5
Have stress-free life
I think, this dream has partially become true. I quit my job and am trying to get some time for myself by relaxing more,  reading, writing to my heart's content, try crafts, new recipes and travel more. I am also enjoying performing some user testing for some websites which I love. Days are gone when I have to rush to office the next morning even without good night's sleep due to kids.

So these were my wishes that came true in 2016 for which I am very grateful to the almighty. It's nice to join #ThankfulThursdays this week and remember these wishes.

Did you also wish for something in the beginning of the year? How did you feel when they became true? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,



  1. Wow...you blogged daily with two kids.....I am unable to do that despite all the prompts out there....It is good that after quitting your job, you have found joy and satisfaction in life...I have seen people cribbing when they are working and cribbing even when they are not.....Wish you a happy new year ahead....!

    1. Thanks Sunaina. Sometimes its feel great to work on our goals with stress ( you know with kids 😃)

  2. A human can never say in his life that he is busy every time,you enjoyed your life freely by being busy always,Iam very proud of you my dear daughter.

    1. Thanks Nannagaru. Ofcourse thats what i want to hear from you 😉

  3. Wow to all your wishes.Living in a scenic place and writing all you please .You are living a wonderful dream that came true.So glad these wishes came true.Thanks for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays

    1. Thanks Amrita. Thanks to the linkup. It feels good to list down the wishes and feel thankful for.

  4. So glad your wishes came true:)
    Wishing you a 2017 that makes more wishes come true!

  5. That's great for you, Mahathi. And I loved the last two particularly. :)

  6. That's some accomplishment:)
    Your home in the hills looks so inviting

  7. Wonderful as always Malathy! It is always important to keep the children away from Tv and engage them with something meaningful and keep also initiate better growth.

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  8. How wonderful! Your post reinforces my belief in the power of visualisation. Wishing you and the family a wonderful 2017, Mahathi.

  9. your wishes were wonderful and i am so glad you could fulfil them :) Wishing you a very happy new years :)

  10. wow, when your writing wishes come true, those are the real pleasures. very well written.


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