29 December, 2016

Good Bye 2016 #FridayReflections

This year has been a hell of a ride with many ups and downs. I don't set any specific goals or choose a specific direction during the start of the year, but if I had to think of one word which describes my 2016, it is 'CHANGE'.

Change is the only constant of life. 

I know this quote for a long time and I repeat it whenever a change is inevitable. This is to prepare my mind to give less resistance. But, this year has been full of changes like moving to a different place, quitting my job, engaging kids more, cooking, freelancing, blogging, reading a lot of books etc.,

This year started with my father's Shashtipoorthi (60 years completion) in January. I enjoyed organizing the family function and it sure made a lot of lovely memories in my heart. February and March went in a jiffy with my elder one's birthday celebrations and school exams. We both had a fun time making many crafts too. By the end of March, I have quit my job and moved to a new place. Being a house wife, managing kids and cooking was tough initially, but these experiences taught me new skills and patience. Till September, I read a lot of books, reviewed, explored many new places, tried new cash back apps, tried user testing and blah blah. October was a fun time for Halloween and a lot of purchasing for thanks-giving. Here comes the December with the most awaited vacation. Atlast, time has come to bid farewell to 2016.


More posts will follow on my recent travelogues, which I am as always excited to share on my blog :-) and more book reviews too will pour in soon. But, this post is brief as it is holiday time and I don't want to be with my laptop for more time.

So, bid a farewell to the wonderful year 2016  and ring in the new year with the positive spirit.

Here are my hearty wishes to all my blog readers for the great new year ahead :-)

Until next time,

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  1. Hi Mahathi! I love the name of your blog (I have a fascination with feathers!!). Sounds like you've had a super busy year in 2016. Change is the thing many people find the hardest I think... it is inevitable though, as you say. I've got some changes coming up in 2017, but they will hopefully be positive ones, so I'm looking forward to them! A happy new year to you too! I look forward to finding out some good book recommendations! (:

  2. It certainly has been a year of change! Sounds like it's been a busy one for you. Happy New Year and all the best for 2017!

  3. Lovely Post... Wish you lots of Love and Luck to your family and New Life

  4. Change is truly one of the few constants of life. Next year may well be a year of great change for us in the United States. Will it be change for good, or change for ill? We will know at this time next year. Good luck and may change be good for you in 2017.

  5. Change is definitely the one thing constant in our lives. Wishing you a great year ahead, Ramya! :)


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