26 December, 2016

5 ways to engage kids during holidays

It's tough to engage kids during holidays. I am not an expert in this subject but I am trying all different ways until I find out the best possible way to engage kids without us (parents) not getting very tired. I am using the below ways to engage my kids during Christmas holidays. Let me know if you have some other great ideas :-)

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1. Outdoor play or a walk
This is the best way to engage kids and also get some benefit from walking for ourselves. I prefer taking my kids to a play area or let them ride a bicycle. I also enjoy taking walks even though my 2-year-old is a tough nut to handle as he likes to run :-(
 A simple ball game or a disc throw or a bicycle ride or a play in the park can engage kids at least for one hour.

2. Painting and crafts
I know crafts need a lot of time from us, but this activity keeps the kids engaged for a long time. I even give a crayon and a white paper to my younger one who is 2 years and encourage him to scribble something. It keeps him engaged and he seems to enjoy the time. I love working on simple crafts with my elder one like preparing something from pista shells or egg cases or pencil scrap.

3. Travel
Kids love travel and anyways it is good for them to explore new places and observe different people and cultures. We can play a lot of games during traveling like counting cars with the specific color, writing down the names of the places that we come across, encourage them to briefly write about the travel and stick photos. A travel need not be to an exotic resort or to an amusement park, it can also be to a neighborhood lake or a trail in the park.

4. Teaching the mother tongue
This is of course very important as schools are not giving much importance to our mother tongue when compared to the English language. I try to make my elder one write the Telugu alphabets and tell him words that start with that letter. This is one of the activities I planned for his holidays.

5. Recreation that they like
Let it be watching Tom and Jerry cartoon or playing with cars and building blocks. It's their holidays and they should enjoy in their way too. Instead of making them watch Oggy and cockroaches or Doreman, we introduced our kids to interesting documentaries on youtube about how tunnels are made, how large ships carry cargo or how ships operate or how french fries are made in the factory. These days, we are watching these videos with kids to keep them away from cartoons and games in tablet :-)

So that's how I planned to engage my kids for this holidays.

What activities did you plan for the holidays for your kids? Do let me know in comments.

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  1. Those are some sensible ideas! I think kids these days also need some ways to stay active, even if it's too cold to go outside.

  2. It's a hard thing (speaking as someone of "grandma" age with a grown son) to keep children away from constantly watching the TV and the computer. I wish You tube had been around when I was a younger mother. I have nothing to add!

  3. I liked teaching the mother tongue part. Few children need that with the boom of English language in the present generation.

  4. Smart ideas. I love it when I see kids play outdoors and not sitting glued to their parent's phone or Ipad. :)


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