15 December, 2016

My favourite baby products #MondayMommyMomments

The soft skin of the babies and the smell of their body are awesome. I always wonder, if the smell is from the milk they drink or from the baby powder that their mom's put on them ☺ This thought made me think of my favorite baby products.

Body lotions and creams: Aveeno is my trusted brand for body wash and body lotions. I have used Johnson's products for sometime and settled in with Aveeno for both the kids. They have fragrance free range with a combination of oat meal extract for baby's sensitive skin.

Breast pump and feeding bottles:
As many mothers already know, medela is a popular brand for good Breast pump. Avent PhiliP feeding bottles are unique with wide nipples. Even if it's juice or milk, my kids loved these bottles.

I love huggies the best. The quality is the way I wanted. I tried pampers too for my kids but they were thin compared to huggies. Many new models and brands have come recently so Iam sure there might be a great product available now when compared to huggies.

I prefer max and firstcry.com for toddlers and mee mee , just born for infants. Of course, kids are lively and lovely in any dress they wear.

Since I have boys, hot wheels and building blocks were their favourites. I remember buying a set of 60 cars to my elder one when he is 3 years old 😀 you know my kids are just crazy of cars.

I didn't go by any brand but used to buy a lot of plates, spoons and forks with their favourite cartoon characters. Mc queen car is their most lovable character
, so almost all types of bowls, plates and spoons had that car. I also used to like Nuby products.

Baby bibs and napkins:
It's fun to buy bibs as I remember finding the cutest ones in just born and mee mee. These make life easier. The small napkins come as a set with vibrant designs are my kid's favorite.

So, these are my 7 favorite baby products. Do you also have memories of great baby products? Please do share in comments.

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Rajlakshmi said...

I use Aveeno products for myself too... didn't know they have baby products too. Informative post.

Vinodini said...

I'm not too updated about baby products these days. My son is a teenager now, so I've lost touch.😃 But back then it was only Johnson and Johnson products that I used to trust in for him. That was quite a comprehensive review.

Unknown said...

Reminded of the time my son was younger.Even today,I love going to baby shops just to look at the innocent-looking things.Nice one Mahathi!

Deepa said...

All these are very important and useful products for babies. Right from baby bottles to toys to meal time essentials, all are useful. Thanks a lot for writing for #MondayMommyMoments ramya :)

Amrita said...

A great selection of baby products. We are spoint for choices nowadays.But breast pumps are a great choice for working moms

Amrita said...

Even when our children grow up we remember all the usefulness and cute products which made our life easier.Thanks for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments

Menaka Bharathi said...

Ha, you are remindin me of all the forgotten baby products Ramya! Those were the days when I used to surf the net for the quality aspects of such products. In fact I began blogging because of such intensive searches
Menaka Bharathi has recently published http://www.simpleindianmom.in/planned-vs-emergency-c-section/

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