19 December, 2016

A Rebel Among Us by JDR Hawkins - Guest post

About the Book:

After David Summers enlists with the Confederate cavalry, his delusion of chivalry is soon crushed when he witnesses the horrors of battle. Shot by a Union picket, he winds up at a stranger’s farm. Four girls compassionately nurse him back to health. David learns his comrades have deserted him in Pennsylvania following the Battle of Gettysburg, but his dilemma becomes much worse. He falls in love with the older sister, Anna, who entices him with a proposition. To his dismay, he must make a decision. Should he stay and help Anna with her underhanded plan, or return to the army and risk capture?

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Here is the guest post from the author hawkins. Glad to have her here.

Why did you choose this concept for the book
About ten years ago, I won a trip to Gettysburg, courtesy of a small Colorado mountain town that was holding a contest. I travelled to Pennsylvania, and after seeing the massive battlefield, I was bitten by the Civil War bug.  The trip inspired me to write a story about a typical Confederate soldier whose family didn’t own slaves, and who came from a rural background. A Rebel Among Us, the third book in the Renegade Series, finds the main character, David Summers, in a unique situation. He winds up at the farm of Anna Brady, and realises the Confederate army has abandoned him in Pennsylvania. But that is just the start of his troubles.

And the impact on people after a battle.
My books extensively discuss what people went through after a battle. In the first novel of the Renegade Series, A Beautiful Glittering Lie, Hiram Summers fights in numerous battles in the Eastern Theatre with the 4th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Not only didthe soldiers suffer, but their loved ones at home did, too. In one scene, Hiram’s wife, Carolyn, goes to the local mercantile to see if her husband’s name is on the list of the deceased. I can’t imagine how terrifying that must have been. In the second book of the series, A Beckoning Hellfire, Hiram’s son, David enlists with the Confederate cavalry and is immediately hurled into battle. He loses his best friend, whom he convinced to enlist with him. Guilt-ridden, David is caught between his conscience and his duty. Following the Battle of Gettysburg, he is wounded, and his horse, Renegade, takes him on a wild ride to a nearby farmhouse. A Rebel Among Us describes David’s recovery and predicament, as well as the guilt he feels in leaving his family, seeking out revenge, and fighting an enemy that has now become his saviour.

About the Author:

J.D.R. Hawkins is an award-winning author who has written for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, e-zines, and blogs. She is one of a few female Civil War authors, uniquely describing the front lines from a Confederate perspective.

Her Renegade Series includes A Beautiful Glittering Lie, A Beckoning Hellfire, and A Rebel Among Us. All three novels are award winners, and tell the story of a family from north Alabama who experience immeasurable pain when their lives are dramatically changed by the war. Ms. Hawkins is a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the International Women’s Writing Guild, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and Pikes Peak Writers. She is also an artist and singer/songwriter. Ms. Hawkins is currently working on a nonfiction book about the War Between the States, as well as another sequel to her series.

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