27 August, 2017

3 judgements which gave a hope to Indians #WATWB

I don't follow politics very closely. Like many other Indians, i too didn't have much hope on Indian judicial system with many pending cases and delays in judgement. But, i have read this article and following the news related to these today which gave me a hope for better India.

There are 3 landmark judgements happened recently -
1. Triple talaq made unlawful
2. Right to privacy is made a fundamental right
3. Self proclaimed Godman Ramrahim convicted of rape

Read the article here.

What do you feel about these judgements? Do let me know in comments.
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Lynn Hallbrooks said...

I'm not one for politics and such either but these were some positive changes in my humble opinion. Thanks for sharing and for being a part of #WATWB

Vasantha Vivek said...

Rightly said, Ramya. I too support these three judgments strongly. Happy to join with you for #WATWB.

Susan Scott said...

I read or heard on TV about these judgments recently and they're a cause for celebration indeed. The wheels of justice grind slowly and when they do, it is so great to see justice being served. Thank you for this interesting post!

Unknown said...

Wow! These are fabulous precedents, to be sure—and ones that need to apply all around the globe! I was unfamiliar with the talak rule, but—now that I know about it—I'm glad it's outlawed. May all such misogynistic practices follow shortly!
Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

Rajlakshmi said...

The last week was indeed a great week for Indians. So many progressive decisions made in just a span of few days. Hope the spree continues 😀

Michelle Wallace said...

Three great judgements!
I'm sure these decisions have brought relief to many anguished citizens.
Thank for sharing!

Writer In Transit

shalz75 said...

Yup these are three very prolific judgements in our times today; blosters hope for our country and us somewhat!

bellybytes said...

Yes Mahathi. These are absolutely game changing judgements. It is high time the government and everybody else recognise our right to privacy. Why do we have to share our PAN numbers, Aadhar card etc with the airlines?????? And triple talaq - it is a shame that women have to suffer such ignominy. It is bad enough being cast aside and to think of Nikah halala - that's nothing less than trafficking. And Ram Rahim? I can't even imagine how so many people in our country follow such "Godmen" and allow themselves to be manipulated and exploited in this way. Shame on him and all of his ilk. He should be exterminate not just jailed.

simonfalk28 said...

It is very good to see these judgments passed. May the rights of vulnerable people be respected and upheld. Thanks for joining us Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB

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