14 August, 2017

My Favorite Indian handlooms with a modern touch

Saree is Indian Women's traditional drape which is between 4.5 to 8 meters in length. When it comes to beauty, there is nothing more elegant and graceful than a saree for women. More than the beauty, it is also a convenient and quick drape for women. Even though modern women like me wear Jeans and shirts for work most of the days, we wear saree at least once a week as they are also stylish these days. The patterns and designs of the traditional hand looms have a modern touch to impress this generation. Some silks are so soft with bright color combinations that are beautiful for everyday wear.

There are a variety of sarees with different fabrics but, handloom sarees woven in India bring a uniqueness in design. We can find different  hand loom sarees online as well. When it comes to the types of silks, there are many options available ranging from ChanderiTussarBanarasiPaithani , Kanjivaram etc., These varieties are loved by women from many generations.  

I personally like Chanderi and Banarasi silks, whereas Kanjivaram is famous for auspicious occasions. We cannot imagine any festivals without this authentic wear.

Let me dig down to more details on my favorite skills:

Kanjivaram Silk:
For a bride, Kanjivaram silk is the first option to wear for the marriage. It is grand, elegant and bright. This makes the bride the center of the attraction and that is what we look for in a marriage function, right?

This handloom saree has a rich history from Tamilnadu, a Southern state of India. This saree comes with bright dyed mulberry silk and the rich work on zari/ border and pallu dominate the look.
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Banarasi Silk:
There are many varieties in Banarasi silk which will fit aptly for all occasions. Be it a marriage or a simple get together,  this will attract every around you. This soft silk with bright colors and different shades simply enhance the overall look. 

Pure Banarasi Katan silk sarees with rich work and motifs are famous. I like these simple yet elegant sarees for office wear as well.

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Pochampally Ikat Handlooms:
Pochampally handloom sarees are from Andhra and are famous for its simplicity and elegance. This saree is also worn officially by air hostesses of Air India. The designs are formed from a specific dyeing technique.
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Chanderi Silk:
I love this silk for regular use to the office. This is a traditional fabric from Madhya Pradesh. There are both silk and cotton saree types in Chanderi fabric. Chanderi cotton is best for summer wear.
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Mangalgiri Cotton:
In a tropical country like India, Cotton sarees are a must in Summer season. If they have trendy and simple designs, they are good for official casual wear. I like Mangalgiri cotton for that particular reason. These sarees are comfortable with simple designs and look elegant.
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Pure Pattu sarees:
Pure Pattu sarees woven with golden zari work are famous for small functions. I love wearing plain pattu sarees with rich border and zari work on the blouse for small get together and parties. They enhance my complexion without dominating me.
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If I have to list down all of the beautiful handloom sarees from India, it will be a big list indeed. So I chose only my favorites in this post.

How do you like sarees? What are your favorite handloom sarees? Do let me know in comments.

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Ps: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine.

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  1. Nothing beats the elegance and grace of a sari.Thanks for sharing the visual treat of colors!


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