19 August, 2017

It's never too late to live your life

Life is beautiful! Did you ever realize it?

 I read somewhere that we are busy with studies in childhood, with career and marriage in 20's and 30's, with responsibilities till 50's or 60's and when we see backwards after all these years, we realize we didn't live our life as we wished for. Even though it's good to live life in our own terms enjoying each moment, it's never too late to get that realization.

I am already in 30's and even though I am grateful for my life so far, I have many things to check off in my bucket list. I believe that life is short and we have to utilize every minute of it. Feeling grateful and being positive are my only mantras to a happy life. What are yours?

We all make mistakes, take risks, face failures at many stages of our lives which is not uncommon. But, staying positive and moving on by learning from failures seems like a sensible step. Do you agree?

Writing this short post for #QuotedStories and Blog adda's WOW prompt.

Until next time,

Life through my Bioscope

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  1. Love your positive attitude. Yes life is just a series of things that keep on happening . You have to just figure out how to live the moment and enjoy it

  2. I also love the positive attitude. Life is an adventure!!!

  3. Personally, I never quite got the bucket list concept, Mahathi, but I sure appreciate your attitude.

  4. Positive thinking is the elixir of the life. And its never ever too late to look at the life with positive specs!
    Good read.
    -Anagha From Team Mocktailmommies

  5. Its never too late...right. Start today rather than regret later. We have the power to direct a boat called Life. Thanks for joining us Ramya.


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