02 April, 2014

A for Alzebra #AtoZChallenge

Joining this A to Z challenge one day late. Though iam super excited to participate in this challenge daily, time is not permitting. Let me give a try :)

I don't love Maths usually, but i like algebra very much. It's interesting to assume an unknown with a variable 'x' and come up with a strategy to find it's value :) I have started learning algebra in school days and never knew how to apply it practically in this world. But, started using algebra for most of the maths problems and puzzles gradually.

As a Telugu speaking person, we all might have read "Eenadu" news paper at least once in our life time. If so, did you remember the magazine that we get on Sundays with kids section? Bujjai jokes, simple moral stories, drawings to fill colors, crosswords and puzzles? I love all these sections from childhood, i would never miss coloring the drawings, filling the crossword, enjoying the soft humour in Bujjai jokes and solving the puzzles :) This was a habit i learnt from my father. We used to solve maths puzzles and crosswords together. When my father used to try solving the puzzle in traditional ways, i used to choose algebra for most of them. Obviously, i would get result fast with algebra. 

So that is my story about algebra, hope you like it.

Until next time,

This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014. Image courtesy: cliffmass.blogspot.com from google images


  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    If I look back now, I loved Geometry. I was kinda good at it. However now if I am asked to even so much see a problem, I shall pretend to faint ;)
    Lovely read

  2. Thanks Pinksocks for dropping by :) i did electronics engineering and same feeling for me if someone asks a question on electronics :p


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