18 April, 2014

O for Organized way #AtoZChallenge

Organization is important in every phase of our life. But, it needs lot of patience to organize things around us without keeping them as mess. It saves time.. If you always keep your keys at the same place, can't you save one minute of time that you spend on searching it before leaving to office?

An organized home office
I used to be very organized from childhood. I don't remember things easily, so it is impossible for me, if iam not organized. :) 

It's not only about keeping things at the same place always. It is also about making our routine life easier. This influences a lot on our own behavior at work / at home. How many times you got angry and irritated when you can't find something you are searching for? It influences your attitude as well, right? So, this is a pretty quick post delayed by one day, but this word is very important throughout our life. Don't you agree?

Until next time,

Image courtesy: From creative common license flickr images.
This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014

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