02 April, 2014

C for Chowmahalla Palace #AtoZChallenge

Durbar hall
Chowmahalla Palace is just 2 kms away from the famous Charminar in Hyderabad. 'Chow' means four and 'Mahal' means 'Palace', thus it is known as 4 Palaces, which were built around 500 years ago under Nizam rule. This Palace is known as a replica of Shah's palace in Tehran, Iran, which contains Durbar hall, palaces, gardens and fountains.

After i visited 'Mysore Palace' in Mysore, i never thought i could see another royal palace as rich as that. Fortunately, we visited Chowmahalla Palace few months ago and were mesmerized by the elegance of royal Nizam culture. It has an entry fee of Rs.25/- which is completely worth and another ticket to take photos. Khilwat or Grand Durbar hall at the center is the heart of Chowmahalla Palace. It is a 3 storey building with many beautiful chandeliers and several exhibits on photos of Asaf Jahi dynasty rulers, their empire, their lifestyle objects, cutlery, clothing etc.,


Customized RollsRoyce for Nizams

Gardens and well maintained fountains are another attraction. Even though back side fountains are not ON, front side water fountains are  a treat to watch with ducks swimming in water. Dont miss to visit Car garage with vintage cars and buggies on display! Also, a custom made Rolls royce for the Nizams :) There is also a display of old Khuran books collection. Clock tower is another big attraction which is ticking from 500 years.

So, overall a fantastic place for one time visit in Hyderabad if you are interested in heritage and culture. I wonder, why this place is not as famous as Charminar, as i feel its completely worth a visit and should have been a famous tourist spot.

I hope you liked my photos and will a give a thought to visit this place if you get time :)

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This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014. 

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  1. Anonymous4:17 AM

    The pics are gorgeous Malathi :)
    Before I started reading this one, the pic made me believe that this was Mysore palace :D
    How much I love the place.

  2. I didn't know about this place, although i am from Hyderabad. Beautifully described. Will make sure i visit soon!

  3. My favorite place in Hyderabad :)


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