09 April, 2014

I for Ilayaraja #AtoZChallenge

When i used my first Sony walkman to listen to this song in Dalapathi, i became fan of Ilayaraja. I was mesmerized listening  to the beats in this song. I feel, this can be included in syllabus of music course to give an example on rythm for students.

There are many melodious songs which are ever green hits by Ilayaraja, which iam not mentioning in this post as everyone knows them. But, will tell you one specialty in his music other than melody and beat. He uses chorus to the best in his songs! Did you notice chorus in his songs ever?

The below song link from you tube is from a Telugu movie 'Sitara'. In this song, you cannot imagine how song might be without the word 'kukkokoo' by S.Janaki . That sound itself is the soul for this song, which is pronounced in different ways throughout. Ilayaraja has experimented a lot with music to give excellent experience for audience. 

So, I is for music maestro Ilayaraja for me :) Do you also agree with me about his music?

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This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014. 

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