07 April, 2014

D is for Driving

Driving is the most basic thing to learn in our life, but i didn't learn it till 25 years of my age, how lazy iam :) Other than Laziness, there are many more reasons. One such prominent reason is fear of traffic and accidents.

I used to go to school by bicycle. When i reached engineering, my father was ready to buy me a 2 wheeler, but i preferred travelling by bus. I felt, Public transport is more safe than driving alone. Time was the only constraint. I have to be at bus stop 5 mins early and wait for the bus, whereas my friends who had bikes, started late from home and used to reach college at same time as me. Moreover, there was problem of ragging in buses. But, fortunately, i didn't face it much. 

After all these years, now i learnt driving a 4 wheeler directly in a traditional method from a driving school. I could learn and drive well even in traffic, could drive 'H' and 'O' for my license test. I have to get the confidence level still, but i can manage driving on road now :)

So this is my D for Driving story  for #AtoZChallenge :)

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This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014. 
Image courtesy: creative common license image from Flickr.com


  1. I see this fear factor only in our generation girls ramya... I too had the same fear. Even today i fear for traffic if i had to take out 4 wheeler. Now generation has changed...even 5th, 6th class kids are using 2 wheeler.

  2. Aah! That one still evades me. Though I have a driving license rotting away somewhere but I dont drive. I dont like it. I dont think I am scared to drive. But I dont drive unless really forced to.

  3. Sireesha.. If you are not scared, you should try.. it is essential in India, you might use more public transport in Newzealand though


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