24 April, 2014

U for Unexpected error messages #AtoZChallenge

Being a software tester, i love these unexpected errors in software applications. Having errors in software is most common but how user reacts to the error, how he interprets the error message and what action he can take after getting an error message are important for user 's perspective.

Errors are of different types. Some being,

a) Errors for which reason is known - they usually show a message with the reason and might give options to solve it, or just inform user about the reason without giving any next steps or just some message which doesn't give any information. Some funny error messages :)

b) Errors which are really unexpected - Application doesn't know why this happened, it wont give any useful information to users. It will just inform that something went wrong and user needs to try again. Many websites give funny messages for the same.. have a look :)

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Image courtesy: Google images
This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014

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