21 April, 2014

Q for Queen (Hindi movie) #AtoZChallenge

What else it can be? We know that Kangana Raunat dominates in the movie whatever role she plays.. If movie's focus is only on our Rani (Kanagana), our queen, it is really impressive. 

Rani(Queen) is a middle class girl, dreaming to marry the person she loved for a few years. His fiancee, who is working now in London, feels there is status mismatch between them or feels like Rani couldn't change, even though he worked in different countries and changed to modern thinking. Whatever may be the reason, he clearly tells Rani that this alliance cannot happen just before their marriage day. This comes like a blow on her life, of course, same thing happens for any Indian bride. She is devastated, spends some time alone crying and later decides to go to her dream honeymoon to Paris all alone. 

Rani, as an Indian girl who always obeyed their parent's words and fiancee's / took their opinion always on any important decisions, tastes the freedom in foreign land for the first time. Once, she mentions to her friend Vijaya Lakshmi, that girls are not allowed to drink, dance with freedom in India. Even to work, they have to take opinion of their Father/ Fiancee/ husband. She roams to Amsterdam, stays there with 3 male roommates from other countries, who later become her best friends of life. Even though her fiancee comes again proposing her, she rejects him and at the end of the movie, she is relieved and clear on her choices. 

The old remixed club song, "Hangamma hogaya" is too good that you will be singing it at least for few days.. Pace of the movie is very slow, which is very big minus point i see. Other than that, movie is believable and cool. Dialogues are nice. Characterizations are perfect.

So, take time to watch it.. i feel, it might be worth your money, especially for Indian women.

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This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014
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