14 April, 2014

K for Kindle, Gadget #AtoZChallenge

This has been in my thoughts from 2 years.. A dilemma whether to buy Kindle or not.. Iam talking about the wonderful gadget which is dedicated to download and read e-books, magazines, newspapers, blogs etc.,
Me, being a book worm, many friends suggested me to buy a Kindle fire. But, every time Iam drawn back on the decision due to may reasons.

a) Usage : Usually, I read books only before sleeping time. So, very less time dedicated to book reading per day. May not make sense to spend for less usage.

b) Less family time : I don't like using gadgets at home, which may reduce family time and affect communication. What do you say? would it be nice if all family members are browsing through phones and gadgets or watching tv instead of talking and sharing a laugh?

c) Other aspects : Kindle can be used by me alone.. other family members may like an Ipad instead so that they can play games and do other internet surfing too.. one dedicated device only for book reading? no majority votes :)

So, this is my decision till today, lets see if it changes in future :)

Until next time,
Image courtesy of kodomut via Flickr.
This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014. 


  1. I would anyday prefer paper over plastic as far as books are considered. I dont feel as if I have read something unless I have that touch.

  2. I have a kindle wasting away in a drawer FYI. :D

  3. True Sireesha..reading in paper is better always.. less strain to eyes too.. sorry for your kindle :p


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