25 April, 2014

V for Vote India Vote! #AtoZChallenge

It's election time.. Iam going to vote on Apr 30th, what about you?

Even though, vote is a duty for Indian citizens, i don't understand why we still feel proud of voting instead of feeling it as a responsibility/ duty for the nation. Whatever may be the reason, we are seeing celebrities  posting their pictures online with that blue mark representing that they voted :) Hope, it inspires a few more to vote.

I know, there are many questions in the minds of Indian voters. Some of them being..

a) What if everyone contesting in my constituency are corrupt, whom to vote?
 Is there a solution for this? 

       Yes. You have the option None of the Above (NOTA). At least, it would help reduce one           vote for corrupt candidate, what say?

b) How do i know which candidate is good out of all contesting in my constituency?

       Google introduced a feature 'Know your candidate' from        https://www.google.co.in/elections/ed/in/districts
 It will only show public information about the candidate. Might not be very useful. 
There are other sites like www.empoweringindia.org which provide affidavit information of candidates. Popular working method is to talk to elders in the constituency to understand who won in previous years and their performance in all these years.

Do we have dare to choose right, efficient candidate without being influenced by the caste/ religious community that the candidate belongs to and money that they distribute? 

I hope, India chooses best leadership in these elections 2014. 

Until next time, 

This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014

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