28 April, 2014

X for Xoom #AtoZChallenge

This letter is toughest of all the letters in the challenge.. couldn't think of any thing that starts with 'X', have some words in my mind - Xylophone, X-ray, Xylum, Xenon, but nothing to tie a story with or something that i can relate to.

Xoom.com is a site that came to my rescue :) When i was at onsite, i thought about various options to transfer money to my India account and my colleagues suggested this. Site is very user friendly, simple and easy to navigate. Home page gives the exchange rate information and the day you create your account by adding bank details, you are ready to go and money transfers in 24hrs without much hassle. No service fee/ extra hidden charges for an amount lower than $1000. From the time we transfer, the exchange rate will be locked till the money is transferred. No changes in the middle, so no need to worry. Periodic email notifications about the status of transaction are also good.

I have been using mobile app of xoom too, which is also very quick. So, that's about this cool new app for money transfer.

Until next time,

This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014

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