07 April, 2014

E for Exam Fever #AtoZChallenge

It's exam time for students in India.. Most of them completed, and many of them are in the middle of the process. Exam fever is ON. So, it's obvious that i could remember Exam Fever for letter 'E' :)

I love exams. My exam philosophy is very simple. If iam writing some impromptu test (without preparation before), it's one kind of fun. If I get good marks, it's great because i didn't actually read for it and could answer everything due to good memory. If i get less marks, no worries, because, i didn't even prepare for it, so how can i expect good marks :p

If iam writing an exam for which i prepared well and i don't get good marks, it's time to change the strategy and work on planning, it might not be the problem of my brain alone. I might have written well if i got all the questions which i studied instead of that given in the exam, what say? If i get more marks, it's WOW.. My strategy works well and my memory power helps :)

So, whatever may be the case, whether the result is pass/ fail, the way i think is positive.

By the way, iam worried about new certification exam iam going to attempt next month, which will make me lose $350 if i failed to pass :O

Trying to overcome the exam fever and being Cool.. :)

Until next time,

This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014. 
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  1. All the best for the exam ramya :-)

  2. Oh No! Exams were nightmares for me! I am dreading to go through them again when my daughter comes into that phase..

  3. Ha ha Sireesha :) i also have to see how i will prepare my son for his exams in future


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