23 April, 2014

T for Travel #AtoZChallenge

Life is short and world is wide, then why to miss wonderful places in less time that we have?  Go to a place at least once a year where you have never been before. It will give you a lot of memories and refreshes your mind for the remaining part of the year. 

Never stop wondering.Never stop wandering.

This is the new quote that i read in Google search. How true it is! when we travel, we see different things, mysterious, charming, enchanting, wonderful etc., There are many learning's tied to travel, one can learn different customs, meet different people, understand different religions, taste variety of food and experience the beauty of Mother nature. This might be the reason why Kings used to travel around the world after completing their education, before taking reins of their kingdom. Travel improves knowledge and widens our thought process. 

Out of all the places that i traveled till now, top 5 links are below. 

1. Fall foliage trip - Day 2 : Cannot forget the Rim walk in Ausable chasm, walking in forest watching water falls, narrow valleys and greenery around. This experience cannot be measured with anything else and completely worth the money.

2. A day trip to New York : A complete self guided trip on the streets of New York with my friend is fantastic. Loved the sub way trains, sky scrappers and Times square :)

3. A tour to Tanjore : A wonderful place with biggest  'Brihadeswara temple'. Gigantic Nandi and traditional Tanjore food are excellent.

4. Mysore - The City of Palaces : So many places to visit in and around Mysore. Brindavan gardens, Mysore palace, Chamundi hills, Belmuri falls, Sriranga pattanam, everything unique and great!

5. Warangal trip II : Have been to Warangal many times, peaceful historic place with lakes, temple, forts etc., Don't forget to visit Ramappa temple, Ramappa lake, Bhadrakali temple, Warangal fort and thousand pillars temple.

I hope, these will motivate you to pack your bags for your next trip soon :)

Until next time,

This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014
Image courtesy: From creative common license flickr images.

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