15 April, 2014

M for Make it on your own #AtoZChallenge

M signifies many important words in our lives. So, it's difficult to stick with one.

Money blah blah..

So, i chose a simple one instead. M for 'Make it on your Own' :)

Did you ever try art/ craft making in childhood. In our school, we used to have a specific class for this. Objective of this class is to make something useful from unnecessary waste. It would be real fun. We also had classes on Japanese craft of paper cutting and making designs in school. We get satisfaction when we make something on our own without buying it. What do you say?

 For every new year, my sister and myself used to prepare greeting cards on our own and used to send to friends and relatives. Process is simple. 

1. Buy a colored chart paper. Preferably, light green/ yellow so that our drawing / painting would be clearly visible and dominating.
2. Cut the chart paper and fold it like a book to look like a greeting card.
3. Draw some lovely simple picture like a mickey mouse or a scenery or cut some painting and paste it or prepare a photo collage or a simple flower filled with small cut papers pasted.
4. Paint with colors. Decorate by sticking glitters/small beads wherever required.
5. Draw boarders with any good design, stick some glitters so that it gives overall good look to the card.
6. Choose a cover, write a personal message wishing friends/ relative with names inside and send them.

Since we studied in a christian missionary school, we had enough Christmas holidays in December to try on all these activities. Of course, there were half yearly exams ready in Jan/ feb to spoil the fun :(

Until next time,

Image courtesy: From creative common licence flickr photos
This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014. 


  1. I like this post of yours although I was never the kind of kid to 'make stuff'. But my 8 year old daughter is. Right now she's busy making cards for the relatives we'll be visiting soon.
    I wish I had done so too back then. But then it's never too late, is it?

  2. It's never late Nimi :) It's so fun and satisfying to make it on our own. I hope, you can work together with your daughter :)


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