22 April, 2014

S for my Sister #AtoZChallenge

Siblings support us emotionally and they are first friends after parents. Do you agree?

My sister and myself are completely different as individuals, but we never had fights due to that. We are like these pretty flowers from same pond. We complement and support each other and enjoy our differences. My friends don't believe when i say, my sister and myself never fought over anything all these years. Unbelievable but true! It might be because of the parenting that we got or the environment that we were grown up together with.

  • My sister is outspoken and i was introvert from childhood.
  • She loved action, whereas i loved reading.
  • She is a good host, good cook, whereas i talk less and an average cook.
  • She learnt music and myself dance, but we both know about the other arts very well to criticize each other's work.
  • She is more emotional, me too same in that aspect but somewhat stronger than her.
  • I was good at studies, she excelled at activities other than studies.
  • We both love unconditionally, but she thinks of more ideal aspect of love, whereas i think about it in practical way.

There are many and many to list out.. But, these differences never cropped up problems in our relationship and one's positive always helped in overcoming other person's negative aspect. This is what i mean, complementing each other. We don't talk daily now a days, but we catch up with everything naturally with ease whenever we talk. We have our own lives and there is still a strong emotional bond that supports the relationship. 

Relationships are complex these days, sometimes i wonder, its only by mere luck that we can get an understanding and supporting sibling like this. I wish her all success, happiness and good health :)

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This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014

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  1. Very nice aka..remembering all those sweet memories.
    Happy to have u as my sis..... :)


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