08 April, 2014

F is for Fruits #AtoZChallenge

How many of you can live without fruits? Very few right?

Actually, everyone knows it's good to include fruits in our diet to be healthy. Especially seasonal fruits like Mangoes and Custard apples, since we don't get them whole year, we shouldn't miss those. Our's is a fruit loving family :) Fortunately, My son also loves all types of fruits.

Some fruits and health benefits:

Apple - Contains antioxidants which will help lower risk of developing diabetes and asthma. Another benefit is it cleans your teeth :)

Grapes - Contains antioxidants to help reduce blood pressure. Also combats the spread of breast, stomach and colon cancer cells.

Mangoes - Helps to protect vision and reduce risk of blindness in adults.

Pineapple - My favourite :) helps in digestion, combats cancer cells and speeds the process of wound heeling.

Orange - Helps in preventing neural tube defects and lowering blood cholesterol levels. Do you know that white part of rind is full of Vitamin C?

Strawberries - Rich in antioxidants and helps in suppressing the progression of cancerous tumors.

Watermelon - contains 92% water and great addition to any weight loss diet :)

Papaya - Aids in digestion and provides support for immune system. Also promotes healthy skin.

Banana - Last, but not least. With more potassium, it lowers blood pressure levels. Would love this as an evening snack to get instant energy :)

Now, did you find at least one reason to include a fruit bowl in your diet?

Until next time,

Fruit benefit info: http://www.trendhunter.com/slideshow/healthpromoting-graphics
Image: From creative common licence flickr images
This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014.

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