17 April, 2014

N for Naughty Kids #AtoZChallenge

Being a mother of 3 year old kid, i can correlate only naughtiness of kids for letter 'N' :) 


My Son loves crayons. Usually, i stay with him when he does painting. Once, i left him with crayons and was busy in Kitchen and when i cam and saw, he painted floor also with colours along with painting on paper. Iam habituated to all these mess though :) Iam afraid to give sketch pens to him. Since he experiments a lot with sketch pens, obviously his whole hand will have pen colour and you know how difficult it is to wash these from hands :( He also enjoys being at wash basin washing his hands again and again with Dettol hand wash, leaving the water (sigh).

This was one year back. Whenever we go to any restaurant, he will be the center of attraction to the whole restaurant. All excited, he would be speaking loudly, playing with spoon, forks and glasses, almost banging them on the table. Taking out paper napkins, playing with salt and pepper etc are most common. Now he understands how to behave in restaurants, but one year ago, we almost banned going to restaurants. 

So, these naughty stories are many.. My grand mother used to say, " who else will do naughty things other than children?" Ok, agree with this statement. Sometimes, even though naughty, kids are adorable with their innocent minds. Isn't it?

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This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014. 


  1. Naughty is sometimes cute too! But normally for the Mom it isn't :-)My son is 6 and he will just run everywhere including malls-it is difficult to make him stop when he is so full of energy

  2. Right! especially when we have to manage kids outside, it's not cute :) thanks for dropping by Chai a cup of Life, sorry, dont know your name :)


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