08 April, 2014

G for Grand Parents #AtoZChallenge

Love from Grand parents is completely different that from parents. As grand parents are experienced in parenting and have more patience, children tend to show more love to them. Grand parents also pamper kids a lot while making them learn good habits with nice bed time stories. 

This photo is being circulated in Facebook recently.. how true it is :)

We are pampered and fed well in our grand parents home, isn't it? Summer holidays always remind me of our trips to grand mother's house. There is a tradition in Andhra that elders always give some money when children visit their home. So, especially when we go to grand parent's home, we will come out with some money :)

Because of nuclear families and parents living very far from their home towns, children don't get much opportunity to spend time with their grand parents unless on holidays. Wont it be good if we spend holidays with children in Parent's home?

Until next time,

This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014.


  1. Oh Grandparents how I miss mine and my daughter's too! Miss the pampering the most.

  2. true Sireesha.. pampering is the best :)

  3. Loved your blog, waiting for more such blog. Thanks for sharing.

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