11 April, 2014

J for Jack of All trades #AtoZChallenge

The Phrase 'Jack of all trades, Master of none' was in use from 1592. It means, an individual who is competent in many skills, but not necessarily outstanding in any one of them. 

This phrase is used both as positive and negative, because if you are jack of all trades, which is not easy, it's great. But, if you are not mastering anything and having half knowledge it's dangerous, what say?

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in learning many skills. But, at least mastering one would be good. As a Gemini woman, i try my hands on everything possible, be it painting, writing, dancing, singing, playing instrument, embroidery, cooking etc., I wouldn't say, i mastered Kuchipudi dance, but have put more energy and focus on this art than anything else. These days, A number of skills at once are introduced to children during summer holidays by joining them in summer camps, but they get confused to learn all at one go and lose interest very fast. In case of children, it is always better to introduce arts/ sports one after the other. Also, Parents shouldn't expect them to be experts in those art forms very soon. Art forms like dance, music and painting need lot of practice and more dedicated time over years. They shouldn't be pressurized to learn them fast. 
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This is my entry for AtoZ blogging challenge 2014. 
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  1. Being Jack at all trades is handy but being the master of one trade is the best. I wish our kids that. May they find what they love and pursue that.

  2. True Sireesha.. i too wish for my kids the same :)


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