04 November, 2016

Being ourselves is not easy #NaBloPoMo #day6

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

This quote made me think about being ourselves. Is it easy to be ourselves in all circumstances? I don't think so. 

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Let me tell you my experience..

I don't like hypocrites. From childhood, I always respected honesty and genuineness. I don't usually lie or exaggerate when i talk  to people, even to strangers. of course, I shouldn't expect the same with others. But, a few people become an expert in hypocrisy. They show too much affection and sugar coat words when they talk even though they don't mean a single word.

There is a problem when we deal with these people. Can we be ourselves before them and show honesty when we already know about their behaviour ? we change. We will be more cautious not to get cheated and the friendship becomes meaningless. 

Our attitude depends on the other people's. We have to change sometimes for good if we don't want others to take advantage of  us. 

I was sensitive and soft-spoken for a long time till my graduation. Later, I realised that this behaviour may not work in all situations. I changed myself to be hard and harsh when dealing with tough people. 

Do you also believe this quote is true  and that it's tough to be ourselves in this world? Obviously, being ourselves will be a great achievement.

Please do share your opinion in comments.

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  1. Yeah, we do have to change our approach of dealing with some people, but that does not mean that we have changed our inherent nature.

  2. Sometimes I hold my tongue to keep the peace. Bigger picture and all that. It depends on the situation.

  3. I realized, in my twenties, that it was okay to be utterly myself. I'm not very good at being anyone else - not for long. I can act on a stage, but in real life? It is an effort that takes more than I have to give it. And so, I gave up trying to compartmentalize myself and change for home vs. work vs. social occasions. Most people liked me better for it, and those who didn't - well, they wouldn't have really liked ME, anyway, would they? Not if the "me" they liked wasn't the real deal.

  4. Yes, it is tough.....very tough...because you end up fulfilling certain expectations.....And then you realize, that you have lost your true self in the process.....But those who stand determined, no matter what, they are truly the achievers in this world....

  5. Being oneself is difficult! And yes about the people you mentioned, yes we try to be different with them but I don't think that would help in any way. And yes, it depends on the situation.

  6. I believe that this quote is true, because it's so hard to be ourselves in the society we live in. If someone can manage to not let others dictate how they should be, that is a great achievement!

  7. Every situation, every experience changes you. It is up to you to decide in what way.


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