01 December, 2016

5 simple holiday gift ideas for kids #NaBloPoMo #day29

I studied in a Christian missionary school in my childhood and so, the month of December was always a holiday time for us. We used to get at least 10 to 15 days of holidays in December for Christmas before our half yearly exams. Of course, we used to get holidays for Pongal too in January :-)

Gifting is a part of this holiday season. Even in our office we play Secret Santa and give gifts to our colleagues. When it comes to kids, the first gift that comes to our mind is toys. Other than that, what else can be interesting to them? Here are a few ideas that I have.. Let me know if you have any other good gifting ideas for kids.

1. Arts and crafts material
Quilling kits might find useful for kids above 6 years of age, but crayons and painting books/ books with stickers are useful for kids below 6 years of age. A gift set with a combination of pencils, crayons, colouring books, markers, fabric colours and erasers will be the best option.

2. Outdoor gaming kits
Though a little expensive, a bike, skating board, tricycle etc are good gifts for kids.  Both boys and girls would enjoy this. Another option would be to buy a trampoline (quite expensive), a flying disc like frisbee, a ball etc.,

3. Indoor playing kits
 I love purchasing building blocks and board games. Board games like chinese checkers, Ludo, Monopoly, Snake and ladder, Brainvita etc., are very old traditional games which engage them for a long time. For children below 5 years of age and above 2 years, clay modeling kits are a good option.

4. Books
Please don't buy any serious books for children. First of all, it's difficult to make them read for a long time. So, Board books with pop-ups or interactive options are good for children below 3 years of age.  Some story books include stickers, fun quiz, coloring, and craft activities. These are good bets for me to gift for younger children.

5. Others
There are many things that kids use in day to day like lunch boxes, school bag, vibrant water bottles, a cozy pillow, a blanket with their favorite cartoon character, a night dress with their favorite designs etc., These items are easy to select and are very useful on a long run.

Until next time,

This is my day 28 post for #NaBloPoMo Challenge.

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Nikita Dudani said...

Lovely and such beautiful ideas.

Vasantha Vivek said...

Very useful list, Ramya. Can I add to your list - Sensory Toys like Magnetic Balls.

Kwaza said...

Ramya you are a bomb of ideas and creative thinking.

vanapalli subrahmanyeswara rao said...

Fantastic(different) that every one to know.

mahathi ramya A said...

Thanks Nikita

mahathi ramya A said...

Sure, thanks forsuggestion Vasantha.

mahathi ramya A said...

Thanks for the appreciation Sultana.

mahathi ramya A said...

Thanks Nannagaru.

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