02 November, 2016

My Top 3 apps for easy cash #NaBloPoMo #Day 3

There is nothing better than hard earned money. But, If we get cash just by installing and performing simple tasks, that can be great, right? Who doesn't want free cash, anyways?

I have tried and tested a lot of apps which give cash back and rebates for grocery purchases, which provide revenue for completing a few surveys and user testing, which give money for showing ads on lock screen, which collect usage habits and give money. Many  apps pay through paypal or in the form of gift cards of famous outlets or prepaid visa cards. Paypal seems to be secured when it comes to receiving payments, but gift cards are best when we regularly shop. Some apps steal so much storage and always use location based services which drain the battery pretty quick, which are not my favorites. 

So, considering all the above factors, I liked the following apps which are convenient for me. 

1. Slidejoy
Slidejoy is an app which shows ads on lock screen of the phone. You can either click on them/ ignore, it doesn't matter when it comes to earnings. This app has a great algorithm which analyzes our interests and shows ads based on it. We can earn cash by using our phone normally as we do. This app works both in India and US. I tested this on android and I think, it doesn't work on Iphone (haven't verified).

You can download app with this link and signup here(affiliate link): getslidejoy.com/r/Jxem?id=1

Slidejoy has following payment options: Paypal, gift cards, square cash and even donation to charity

We can earn around $10 in 6 months. This is the minimum amount and it varies as per the individual phone usage. I know, this is very less amount, but getting something for not doing anything is the only bonus. The minimum cash out is $5.

2. Ibotta
Ibotta is an app which pays cash through rebates for specific grocery products. This is compatible to both IOS and android, but app is only valid in US, not in India. After installing the app, we can verify rebates on the products that we plan to buy that week. Ex: one gallon milk of any brand might have a rebate of $0.25. After purchasing the product in the store mentioned in the app, we can scan the product and submit the receipt. Cash back will be credited to our account in 2 days. It's as simple as that.

I tested this app and one thing that I like is it has all popular stores where we usually purchase groceries like Walmart, Costco etc., Sometimes, there are rebates on regular items like Onions, capsicum, tomatoes, bread, milk, eggs etc., There is a joining bonus of $10 for signing up, Isn't that great?

You can download the app with this link and signup(affiliate link): https://ibotta.com/r/qqbajeh

We can earn around $30 in 6 months.This amount will vary depending on the spending habits.The minimum amount needed to cashout is $20. We can redeem cash in terms of gift cards (even amazon gift card). 

3. Receipt Hog
This is a fun way to turn our receipts to cash. Unlike Ibotta, any receipt will count for credit. This takes more time to earn, but it is very simple and quick to submit receipts through this app. This app is available only in US and it is compatible to both IOS and Android.

We can earn coins by just taking a picture of the receipt and submitting it. Grocery/ clothing/ fuel/ any other receipt doesn't matter. The coins earned can be redeemed to paypal or amazon gift cards. There is no other payment option available. 

We can earn around $15 in 6 months. This varies depending on the level we are in and the number of receipts that we are submitting per week. Minimum coins need to cash out are 1000 coins which is equal to $5. 

Install the app and Signup for Receipt Hog here: http://receipthog.com/

So, try these apps and let me know if you like any of these.

Ps:There are affiliate links in this post and I will get some commission if you use them to signup / install.

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  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I think I'm going to try Ibotta. Thanks for sharing these. :) #NaBloPoMo

  2. i didn't know one could get cashback or credit by installing apps!

  3. Whoa! I never knew about these. Will try for sure :)

  4. Whoa! This is totally new for me. Was not aware of such apps and the earnings through them. Cool!


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