10 November, 2016

My 5 strengths #NaBloPoMo #day11

It's so difficult to write about weaknesses, but it should be easy when it comes to strengths, right?

This is my day 11 post for #NaBloPoMo and I am writing for the following prompt for #FridayRefelctions.

The prompt: Describe 5 strengths you have
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1. Not getting angry easily
I know this is the greatest strength I have. I don't lose cool so easily unless it is my kids being too naughty :p I think, it's from my genes. I deal differently when I am angry. I try to become silent and isolated. Sometimes, I also feel bad  that I couldn't react to the situation properly as I was silent when I had the reason to be angry. But, this helps me in long run. So, I need not worry about hurting others and breaking relationships in a fit of rage.

2. Keeping myself prepared for the worst
I am not pessimistic, but somehow I end up thinking about the worst scenario before even starting something. It helps me to deal with the failure better. For example, If i have to write an exam, I would plan to read properly, but I also would think of my alternate choices if I fail the test. How many attempts I can give again? How are my chances? Will the failure make any difference in my future plans? etc., 

3. My Flexibility to adapt to situations
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Flexibility is a great quality one can have. Life doesn't always give everything we want. We might have to perform several tasks which we might like to do or not. Being positive and going with the flow of life is what I learned. Being resistant to change always made things difficult for me. Planning and making myself flexible to adapt to different situations helped a lot.

4. My Detailed oriented attitude
Sometimes, it's tough for others to deal with me in professional life as I want to  understand everything in detail before I jump into that work. I cannot randomly work on things with only a few clues and without knowing the big picture or final goal. This attitude might slow down things, but it really helps me in getting the task done with perfection.

5. Jack of many trades
I love to put my legs on many things until I can stretch both my legs and doesn't fall down :p It's crazy actually to try to learn many things, but it gets interesting for me. Dance, music, crafts, blogging, painting - I love all that! 

So, that's about my strengths. What do you consider to be your strengths? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

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  1. Those are some real cool strengths you have Mahathi! And because of all these you come across as a very calm, mature and a rational person! WTG :)

  2. You have got some really wonderful strengths. I am sure you are a sweet person to be around, Ramya :)

  3. You are strong! You sound like me except I'm not jack of all trades perhaps. :) I really liked the way you describe the strengths. Best wishes...:)

  4. Thinking about what I was going to blog about (10 things I wanted to be remembered for) made me think of my talents - but I could certainly use a body that is a lot more flexible. And, I am far from being a jack of all trades. Maybe a couple. But perhaps that is a strength, too.

  5. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Flexibility is a great quality, life changes and sometimes in ways we struggle with, so adapting easily is a huge benefit, I am trying to cope better with this #Fridayreflections

  6. Those are some excellent qualities to have! I used to be quick to anger, but I've calmed down now. I'm also an eternal optimist, I leave the "doomsday planning" as I call it to the husband ;-)

  7. Adaptability is a very good strength to have. You sound very calm and composed. Good post.
    dropping by from the linkup


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