14 November, 2016

Monday blues #NaBloPoMo #day15

I always get hit by monday blues.
Oh weekend, you were so wonderful, stressfree and relaxing.

When i started working on a software job, i was happy to be working only 5 days a week unlike others. Saturday was a big bonus, you know. Sunday was a holiday from childhood anyways  ☺

I used to plan a lot for saturday from then, be it household chores or shopping or travel or any  other mandatory work. I used to relax on Sundays, ofcourse training my mind to smooth land to monday. But it never happens. How much ever i prepare my mind for a positive Monday, I sulk, start my mondays without much excitement. Do you also feel the same ?

After spending a Sunday leisurely by sleeping a lot and reading my favourite books without disturbance, my Monday expects the same rest too 😯 can't help, right?

So, this post is to cheer myself up for a positive monday ☺

Linking this to #MondayMusings hosted  by Corinne.

Until next time,

This is day 15 post for #NaBloPoMo challenge.


  1. Oh! I understand. I try my best not to get affected by Monday blues. Ha! But in vain though :)

  2. Ahh I guess there is no cure. I used to be like you. But now, Mondays mean I get to be free from all nappy changing and all mommy duties for 8 hours. So, I am beginning to love my Mondays now :)


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