23 November, 2016

Thankful Thursdays #NaBloPoMo #day25

This week went great like the earlier week. This week being the thanksgiving week, my elder one has a week long vacation.So, it was hectic managing 2 kids at home but weather was perfect and I could engage kids efficiently ☺

Iam thankful this thursday due to many reasons :

1. New friends and timepass
It's difficult to make new friends as we age. I am thankful to meet a few like minded people and for getting  an opportunity to know them better.

2. Teaching mother tongue to my son
Being far away from mother land, it's difficult to teach mother tongue to kids these days. Though we speak Telugu at home, I want my children to also be able to read and write our native language. I am thankful to have taken a step forward to it.

3. Settling into new house
Bought a few things related to our home and we started settling in. I am thankful to God for the new beginnings.

So, that was about this week that I am grateful for. How did this week or this month treat you?

Until next time,

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Tina Basu

This is my day 25 post for #NaBloPoMo challenge. Couldn't beleive myself that I blogged continously for 25 days so  far. one more reason to be thankful for ☺


  1. Thanks Ramya for writing with us on #Thankful Thursdays.Teaching mother tongue to my daughter too happened this year.It's definitely a milestone.
    Do share your new home pics with us.Congratulations on all your new beginnings.
    Stay Thankful. Stay blessed

  2. Congratulations on your new home! Cheers to new beginnings and wishing you all good things!:)
    This was a nice list to be thankful for:)

  3. Congratulations and wishing you the very best as you settle in your new home! It's a blessing to have like minded friends, glad you have them in your life. Happy teaching telugu to your kids!

  4. Once you start settling in the new place, it starts being the one for you. Wishing you warmth and love. Always good to have friends. They are our support in all times.

  5. It feels so nice to think of all the positive things in our life and be thankful for those. Isnt it? More power to you and your blog ramya :)


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