21 November, 2016

Cheerios on the oven #NaBloPoMo #day22

My younger kid is around 2 years old and started talking sweetly. This is the phase I love as I wonder how children try their best to express their feelings without knowing many words to pronounce and recognise objects. But, it's so lovely that they will never give  up.

My younger one loves the breakfast cereal cheerios which are in the shape of small circles. One day, he showed me the time on oven and said, "mummy, cheerios". 
I didn't understand initially what he meant as I didn't put any cheerios on oven. Later, realised that he meant the timer showing zeros. Those zeros looked familiar to him as cheerios - small circles ☺

So, he is not only learning and recognizing shapes but also doing a match in his tiny brain. That's seemed so cute to me.  

I know, we mothers face such funny #MommyMomments day in and out. Do you have any such cute moment to share. Do let me know in comments.

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Image courtesy: www.pixabay.com 
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This is my day 22 post for #NaBloPoMo challenge.
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  1. This is so adorable. My daughter just turned 1 and she's not speaking anything yet except her baby language as we call it :) But it sounds so adorable. Sometimes she tried to say the words we say and what comes out just melts my heart. These mommy moments truly are priceless. Thanks so much for linking. Truly appreciate :)

  2. Babies are smarter than we think and they learn and grasp fast everything from their surroundings. Very cute post Ramya. Thanks a lot for writing for #MondayMommyMoments. :)

  3. That was so cute of your little one! They do have such adorable ways to express themselves , don't they?

  4. So sweet! Don't we learn a new thing everyday about our kids. Children are great in expressing things so innocently and without thinking, that is what I love in them. My elder son began speaking very early. he used to be too expressive however I treasure a brief period of time during which he used to speak something and the whole family would turn to me and ask what did he say. That connection between mom and child is so special and remains for life.
    Menaka Bharathi has recently published http://simpleindianmom.in/art-happiness-happysunday-week-two/

  5. Hi ramya, everytime I come here I seach for tweet button, I am not finding it?

  6. Thanks for pointing out Menaka. There is a social media icons bar at the end of each post which has a twitter icon in the second place after facebook option. But, only problem is it might not show my twitter user name and I am not able to fix it.

  7. Yes Shilpa, the way children learn to express is wonderful.

  8. Oh yeah, babies are way smarter than we think Deepa

  9. True Nabanitha, Enjoy this phase.

  10. I think this age is the cutest, when they're just learning to speak but don't know all the right words - lots of potential for chuckles! It's amazing to see how kids' minds make associations, isn't it?

  11. Ha Ha thats cute and yeah its not easy to comprehend the childs perspectives as they are seeing and relating things for the first time

  12. While I definitely dont have any anecdotes to contribute her, I am smiling at the creativity of your child :) To relate one to the other is quite smart, you know?
    I wonder... do we actually lose that sense as we grow up and become more methodical and prim/proper?


  13. thats a smart boy - cheerios and zero! I like it when babies show their smartness like this. I wish we could hold on to these inquisitive nature when we become adults


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