27 November, 2016

My philosophy of life #NaBloPoMo #day27

My philosophy in life is simple and that is 'Never worry for anything'.

How can we be cool always? Here is one perspective:

When there are some tough situations to handle and you are in deep worry and confused on how to handle things, think in this way...

1. If you cannot do anything to change the situation or you don't have any control of the situation, you need not worry in the first place. Because, there is nothing you can do to better situation and you are making yourselves sad unnecessarily.

2. If you can change the situation for better and you can control things but just worrying or afraid of something, this is not a time to worry. It is time for action. It is time to react instead of worrying. So, you shouldn't worry in this case too.

I think, for every problem that life gives us, only one of the above options is applicable. So, do it or not, but don't worry about it. What do you think of my opinion? Do let me know in comments.

Until next time,

This is my day 27 post for #NaBloPoMo challenge.
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  1. I agree and in many situations I work like that. I was not like this before. VT still says rather asks me when I am worried "Can you change something?" And if I answer in a negative, he says, "Then why worry". It actually works :)
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I agree that there's no point worrying over the things you absolutely cannot influence or control. But sometimes it is hard to let go of that anxiety.

  3. Great attitude Ramya.worrying about things doesn't make anything better. On the other hand, you should NOT jump into situations without pondering over the consequences....

  4. I agree there is no point worrying over thing we cannot change for it only bring distress to our lives.

  5. I couldn't agree more, Ramya. Worrying never works although it comes quite naturally to us. We need to constantly work at it if we are to keep our worries in check.

  6. The points you mentioned are so very true...But, at times the situation or the person in front of you is so illogical that you hardly can keep any control on yourself...


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