19 November, 2016

Hobbies are extensions of our life #NaBloPoMo #day20

What do you do when you are free ? How do you enjoy spending time? Does that work excite  you and bring happiness? Does it help you grow your imagination and creativity? That's a hobby for you.

As per wiki, a hobby is something you do for pleasure when you are at leisure. I feel hobbies reveal a lot about ourselves. They are extensions  of our lives.

In our leisure we reveal what kind of  people we are - Ovid Tweet this!

We can exist without hobbies but we cannot be content in our life without them. what do you say? 

My 5 hobbies that I love:

1. Reading:
This hobby takes most of my time after my family and my responsibilities. I enjoy reading since  I experience and understand many things which I might not have learned or experienced in my real life.

2. Photography:
I am an amateur or below that in photography but I enjoy it. This is the only way to capture and preserve our beautiful memories as time gone cannot be regained.

3. Writing
There is always a need to express for any human being. Some express by communicating, playing music or listening to music. I prefer to write when I feel either happy or sad.

4. Dancing
This hobby has taken a back seat due to my studies, job, children and many other responsibilities. But, I am not giving it up yet. I believe in dancing like no one sees us. It's not only good for health and being fit but also good for spiritual peace and inner joy.

5. Painting
This is one more hobby which I couldn't concentrate on after my high school. I went to drawing classes and I felt, this art is great to express our feelings.

So, that's about my 5 hobbies that I love. What hobbies do you have and what hobbies you really love?

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This is my day 20 post for #NaBloPoMo Challenge.


  1. We have 1,2,3 in common. Love this prompt.

  2. Wow Ramya! I really fancy all these, no time now. Still i try dancing whenever I am able to, and paining too!

  3. Reading, photography, blogging, walking and crocheting are mine. So many of us bloggers have similar hobbies - I wonder why (!)

  4. It's always good to have hobbies, and since you have so many of them, I am sure you must be quite busy :)

  5. I share 3 out of 5 of your hobbies - reading, writing, dancing. I often call my hobbies "passions," as well. They are things we feel compelled to do because we have such a strong interest in and longing for them. Two other passions/hobbies of mine are interactive theatre and movies. Thanks for this post!

  6. I cant imagine life without my hobbies and am really amazed to meet people who say they have none. I feel having hobbies develops one's personality as it leads to curiousity, passion and new learnings.

  7. Reading is my passion too and I dabble into a bit of photography too. But I cant dance to save myself and I am glad that the art and craft projects are behind me coz they were always completed for me, by my sister and mother!

  8. I have 3 in common. Hope most of the ppl have these though we are not serious about...


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