23 November, 2016

How to handle arguments? #NaBloPoMo #day24

Arguments between a couple are very common. There is nothing wrong in not agreeing on same thing. Since we are all brought up in different environments and have our unique skills and different maturity levels, it is difficult to agree with other person. But, problem comes when the argument leads to bitter feelings and emotional break downs. So, how can we handle arguments and don't pull the rope on both sides until it breaks?

Here are some tips from my experience:

1. Always argue with logic
Most of the arguments end with bitter fights as we argue about past feelings, expectations not met and try emotional blackmailing. Often it side tracks the argument. Try to make your point with logic instead of conveying your emotions.

2. Make your point and leave argument
Sometimes, we need not come to an agreement at the end of argument. It's ok if the other person cannot understand your view point. But, it's important to convey your view point and let it go. This time, the other person might have won the argument, but next time the other person may understand and let it go. Think about it, if it makes any sense.

3. Never dig past in an argument 
This rule is pretty simple and makes a lot of sense. Most of the arguments end up bitter when we dig past and accuse other person for a past mistake. It doesn't serve any purpose.

4. Divert anger 
This is the hardest part. We will have so much anger on that person that we talk something to hurt them intentionally. Don't you think diverting our anger will help? Just leave the argument and go for a walk, talk to a friend or watch tv. One simple trick is not talking to the person for sometime and talking later as if nothing happened.

5. Thinking about other's perspective 
When we argue, we always want others to understand our perspective, but what if their opinion is right? If we just ignore our ego, things might be more clear. Just give it a try, no harm, right? It's better than losing a relationship or hurting our loved ones.

Let me know how you manage arguments with your loved ones?

Until next time,

This is day 24 post for #NaBloPoMo challenge.


  1. These are great tips! I need to work on these. When I get upset it's hard for me to divert especially if I'm not being understood and truly heard. Thanks for writing this!

    1. Yes Reyna. Diverting our anger is the hardest part and we can achieve it by trying multiple times.

  2. Absolutely awesome.. hope you are following too ..:)

    1. Thanks Chakravarthi. Ofcourse I do, these tips help me a lot, especially, arguing with logic.

  3. Great points Ramya. Now I wish there was a way to remember them when I am flipping my top!


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