12 November, 2016

Happy Children's day #NaBloPoMo #Day14

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Your innocent smiles steal my heart
 Your first words are my best memories

Your naughtiness gives me headaches
You test my patience day in and day out

Your hands around my neck give me immense happiness
Your soft kiss on my cheek make me forget this world

Sometimes, I want to live only for you, 
Whereas, Sometimes I want to run away from you and relax.

This Parenting journey has many ups and downs, 
I am still trying to survive and be a good parent.

Thanks for helping me to succeed so far my child.

Happy Children's day. 

This post is written for the following prompt from Indispire.

For this children's day, write something for kids (0-8 years). Anything- a story, a poem, a rhyme, or a new fairytale.

This is a day 14 post for #NaBloPoMo challenge.

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  1. "Sometimes, I want to live only for you,
    Whereas, Sometimes I want to run away from you and relax."

    SO so true! That eternal tug of war that comes with being a parent. So well captured, Ramya. It is honestly one of the most rewarding and confusing jobs on the planet!

  2. That's so sweet and well thought Ramya. Loved your little poem for today.

  3. Nice thoughts on the parent-child bond and the ironies that are part of this equation. It is one of the most difficult and yet fulfilling roles for any human being, one that he/she has to learn only while at it. Your emotions are very well illustrated here, Ramya.

  4. This s true mother feelings Ramya! Children make us happy, angry, tired and parents!
    Happy childrens day to you too

  5. I completely forgot about Children's Day! Thanks for reminding me about what kids are all about ....

  6. Very sweet. I remember when we were kids, and Mother's Day or Father's Day would come around, my brother and I would ask why there wasn't a Children's Day, and our parents would tell us, "Every day is Children's Day!"


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