04 November, 2016

New skills acquired from parenting #NaBloPoMo #Day5

Parenting is a hard job. Many people agree that parenting changes their lives in different ways. 
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Here are a few skills I learned from Parenting:

1. Patience
The biggest skill that I learnt from parenting is Patience. From childhood, my friends always used to say that I have a lot of patience when dealing with problems. I believed it to be true. But, after giving birth to my kids, I understood it is completely wrong. My patience levels were never enough to manage kids. I used to get frustrated when I am unable to stop them cribbing for every small thing and when they prefer playing over eating. By God's grace, I honed this skill of patience and I think, every parent of a toddler might have improved their patience in their parenting journey.

2. Learning things on the go
This is a unique skill that you learn from parenting. There is no parenting book in the world which can provide solutions to all your parenting problems. Every child is unique and no parenting principle works the same for all. I have talked to people, elders, experienced parents, read a lot on Google, experimented, failed, corrected the solutions, customized them and learned all on the Go. It became easier with the second kid.

3. Communication and networking
I improved a lot on my communication skills. You might ask, Why? I was an introvert and always loved to find my own answers independently without asking anyone. But, once my friend told me, I will change this behavior after I give birth to a child. I do things independently even now, but I understood the importance of taking advice from my parents, elders, friends and other parents. It always helped. Of course, we get a lot of suggestions and advises, but it's better to choose which advice works for us than doing something wrong.

There many other skills too that I learned from Parenting, but that story is for another time. So, what do you think about learning from Parenting? Do you also feel that Parenting teaches us something in our life?

Let me know your opinion in comments.

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  1. learning things on the go may be the most important one... most self-help books may give you a hint but in the end, each case is different and requires a different deft touch.



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